Line Boring Machines

Pelican’s Portable Line Boring Machines are rugged and versatile machines which are primarily used for Onsite Boring and Spot Facing operations. The compact yet powerful machine can be used on Gas cut, as well as Weld Built-up bores, of new equipment’s or for repair of old worn out bores.

The details of Line Boring Machines are as follows:-


The machine design is such that it can be used at any location and in any axis, be it vertical, horizontal or inclined. The machine is light enough to ensure portability but rugged enough to take upto 5 mm depth of cut easily.

The machine primarily consists of Boring Bar, Drive Unit, Support Plates and Support Brackets. The support plates are mounted with the help of support brackets on the job. This can be done by bolting or tack welding, as desired. The boring bar is now passed through the support plate bearings. The boring bar is then aligned to the geometrical references provided by moving the support plate in X-Y Axis. Once the alignment is complete, all bolts are fastened and the Drive Unit is mounted.

After checking the alignment once again, the tool can be mounted straight on the slots of the boring bar or a tool holder can be clamped on it. The machining can now commence. The total setup time generally is around 1 hour and the machining time depends upon the bore diameter and thickness.


For Insitu Boring of :-

  • Pivot point Bores
  • Gearboxes
  • Bearing & Bush housing
  • Pins & Trunnions
  • Axle mount
  • Various bores of Shafts, Pins, etc.

Operations Capable

  • Line Boring
  • Spot Facing
  • Taper Boring
  • Circlip Grooving
  • Chamfering
  • Internal Keyway Milling (With additional attachment)


Standard Models Boring diameter range :-

  • 70 mm to 300 mm
  • 70 mm to 500 mm
  • 200 mm to 650 mm
  • 400 mm to 1100 mm

Note :- Machine capacity can be designed and customized as per requirements too.

Tolerances Achievable

  • 0.02 mm on diameter / H7.

Technical Parameters

  • Spindle Drive :- Electrical / Hydraulic / Pneumatic
  • Spindle rpm :- Variable Speed
  • Axial Tool feed : Manual / Auto
  • Axial Feed Rate :- 0.05 mm to 0.3 mm/revolution
  • Radial Tool feed :- Manual
  • Cutting speed: 15 mtrs/min to 40 mtrs/min
  • Tolerances on bore achievable : 0.02 mm
  • Alignment flexibility : Infinite
  • Axis Orientation :- Vertical / Horizontal / Inclined
  • Set-up time : Approximately 2 Hours (Depending upon the job)
  • Center-to-center distances : Infinite
  • No. of locations machined simultaneously : As many machines