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Pelican has been in the field of Onsite machining for more than 30 years now. We have always made our own machines and every step like design, manufacturing, testing and commissioning of all our machines is under the direct guidance of the promoters along with a team of qualified engineers and technicians.

The machines built by Pelican are special purpose machines, specifically designed for On-site applications. The self-use of the machines at various sites helped us in the understanding of their utility and performance. It gave us opportunities to develop it further to make it more rugged, reliable, versatile and yet easy to operate.

We ensure the machines are portable and easy to use, while delivering the best performance and accuracies required. The machines can be customised or new SPM’s can be designed as per the clients requirements if need be. All parameters mentioned for each of the machine are the general parameters, each and every machine and its capacity can be customised if required.

Portable Boring Machine

Boring machine

Pelican’s Portable Boring Machines are rugged and versatile machines which are primarily used for Onsite Boring and Spot Facing operations.

Flange Facing Machine

Circular Flange Facing Machine

Pelican’s Flange Facing Machine is a portable large diameter flange facer with a capacity to currently machine 1.5 metres to 12 metres flange diameter.

Onsite Milling

Milling Machine

Pelican has various types of portable milling machines. They all are primarily used for machining fabricated / weld built up / worn out / pre machined surfaces and generate a flat surface.

Portable Lathe Machining

Shaft Turning Machine

Pelican’s Portable Shaft Turning Machine is used for O.D. machining of various Shafts, Pins and Trunnions.

Portable Milling Machine

Keyway Milling Machine

Pelican’s Portable Keyway Milling machine is purposefully designed and made for keyway milling operations.

Portable Pipe Bevelling Machine

Pipe Bevelling & Pipe Cutting Machine

Pelican’s portable pipe bevelling / cutting machine is used for onsite cold cutting and bevelling of pipes.


Customised Machines

Over the years we at Pelican have come to understand that Onsite machining is required for a variety of odd jobs and almost every job is different in some way or the other.


Machining Innovation