Pelican has been in the field of Onsite Machining for more than 30 years, and that makes us the first company in India to introduce the concept of Onsite machining. We sell portable machine-tools as well as provide services of On-site Machining, using our very own machines and a team of skilled technicians.

We primarily started with Onsite machining of various fabricated parts of Stacker Reclaimers and Bucket Wheel Excavators. Over the years we have ventured into Onsite machining of various other Equipments too. Today we are involved in industries such as Marine, Mining, Steel, Cement, Heavy Engineering, Power, Port and Yard, Material Handling, Oil and Gas, etc.

There are 2 companies under the Pelican brand name, Pelican Engineers and Pelican Projects. Both the companies are in existence and are sister concerns. At Pelican, every step like, Design, Manufacturing, Assembly, Testing, Commissioning and Sales are under direct care and guidance of the promoters along with a team of qualified engineers.

Conventional plus up-to-date knowledge with more than 30 years of hands on experience and use of latest Computer Software’s helps us design the best possible Onsite machines & solutions.

The added benefit of being based out of Mumbai, we have access to the latest and most technologically advanced equipment’s and facilities available easily. Being based out of Mumbai also gives us the best national and international connectivity to mobilize our machines in case of urgency in the shortest possible time period.

Why Pelican

The 30 years of experience and working with the best OEM’s in various industries; overcoming the biggest challenges, gives us an unparalleled expertise in the field of onsite machining.

The self-use of the machines at various sites helped us in the understanding of its utility and performance. It gave us opportunities to develop it further to make it more rugged, reliable, versatile and yet easy to operate.

The guidance of the promoters of the company and their passion for the field of onsite machining gives the attitude to attain the best possible results and not shy away from a tough challenge. This fact has made us undertake machining jobs which were never done before and also develop new machines with the experience.

We as group of engineers absolutely understand the need for geometrical and dimensional accuracies required in any job, and accordingly utmost care is given to this attribute.