Why Onsite Machining ?

The fabricated components of the large equipment’s, which are difficult or at times impossible to be put onto a conventional machine require Insitu machining, during their manufacturing, erection and maintenance.

Onsite Machining helps in undertaking critical and high precision machining jobs with ease, without compromising on quality levels. It eliminates the need for dismantling, transporting and can be done on any site, this helps save on cost and time too.

In fact, as in most cases it does not require the entire job to be dismantled; it gives better geometrical accuracy than most conventional ways of machining. The ability to machine the critical points in assembled condition and on the final site location, we can compensate for any inaccuracies and variations caused in fabrication, transport or assembly. It is also the best possible way of reconditioning worn out parts in case of maintenance and breakdowns or modernising an equipment.